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      It is said that there are two ways to distinguish a Singaporean from a crowd: ask him where he is from, or observe his shopping habits. Singaporeans have always been formidable deal hunters. Over the years however, discounts and offers became too numerous for individuals to track. Something had to be done. 

      Answering the call of duty, Gobbler was born. Gobbler is a group purchase platform that match-makes buyers and sellers to secure the lowest price for great products. More importantly, it aspires to preserve Singapore’s reputation as “a shopper’s paradise” by weeding out rubbish offers from the most valuable promotions. If you’re hunting for the best deals in town, look no further.

      For the discerning shopper, there’s always Gobbler.

    • ranking: Global 434,310 Singapore 1,325
    • Number of deal per day:4
    • category: Food,Travel,Beauty,Activity

    All data is base on 01/09/2011 reviewed.

    From Singapore Deals Aggregator – iLoveDeals.sg

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